About Us

Connect Anywhere partners with Telstra to provide a wide range of telecommunication related good and/or services.

We are specialized in Mobile, NBN, Fixed Line and Broadband sectors. For any queries in these sectors, feel free to drop us a call during working hours or connect us on Facebook, Wechat and email.

Aiming to provide the public with great service and experience, we train our employees to be customer-friendly and fluent in both English and Mandarin so as to cater to the needs of different customer groups.

We serve to provide a wide range of products to satisfy the needs of the public. As such, we will be constant updating the existing  products available.

We are located at 261 Liverpool Road, Ashfield, New South Wales, 2131, along the main street of Ashfield. It is highly accessible for customers around the neighborhood as well as customers traveling by public transport or car.